Content Management
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Modit’s intuitive drag and drop interface and content relationships sets us apart from all others. Our unique approach to content management is the most powerful and versatile system on the market.

Capabilities include:
  • Ability to add multiple administrators
  • Ability to upload video clips
  • Management of blog
  • Auto-expire of news articles, allowing for hands-off management
  • E-mail and document linking
  • Accessibility compliance
  • Editable calendar with multiple and recurring event management
  • E-commerce catalogue with time sensitive inventory and discounting
  • Product relationship management
  • Product assemblies
  • Order management and audit trail
Modit users can easily:
  • Create and publish web content
  • Manage image library, multimedia, and documents
  • Automate news articles and advertisements with post and retirement date
  • Manage content approval before it is published live
  • Control search engine optimization with keywords and URL stability
  • Full e-commerce product catalogue and product relationships
  • Integrated product inventory system
  • The most inner-module relationship management system on the market

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Loud + Clear

Upon hearing that the Ecko Creative team was open for business, the great people at loud+clear quickly recognized the importance of utilizing our experience and technical abilities to build this application from the ground up.

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